I was working on drawing up some box art for the game, and the perspective of the tail fins of our Shooter’s ship was giving me difficulties. If you don’t believe me, you try drawing a fighter-jet’s fins from an awkward angle and from memory … it doesn’t work very well.

From memory? See, now, that was my problem. Always use reference material! And when you can’t find reference material that suits your needs, do what I did and MAKE your own reference material.

- 1 Paper Towel Tube
- 1/2 Cereal Box (Cheerios, in my case)
- Judicious Amounts of Masking Tape

- 1 Pair of Scissors
- 1 Utility Knife
- A little imagination

Not bad for a quick mock-up. :-D

The only problem? My productivity for today has taken a nose-dive (har har) because I can’t stop running around the apartment with this thing making airplane noises.