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Hi there, my name is Kelley Piering. I contribute the other “Pi” to our group name and I am also a second year in RIT’s Game Design and Development MS degree. I am also the last one member of the team to post an Intro. Being a team of three we will all be playing many roles to completely our Capstone project, Shmup You! I will take on the roles of programmer, 2D artist, and web developer.

Shmup You! was an idea born from reversing common mechanics. When this concept was applied to shmups the base idea for our game was born. Creating a versus competitive shmup is a challenge and the next few posts will take you into where we have been and the many prototypes made.  While the next few months will log the rest of the capstone process.

I feel the need to explain a few things to those who are not familiar with RIT and/or the Game Design and Development Capstone process. At RIT we have a trimester system (3 period of 10 weeks each with 1 week of exams following). Capstone takes up two of those trimesters. The first (November 30- December 18, Winter break, January 4 – February 19 with February 22-26 as exam week) is the Game Design period. We create an entire Game Design Document, a Technical Design Document, an Art Bible, run technology tests, and more. The second trimester (March 8-May 14 with May17-21 as exam week) is the development period. We develop the entire game, complete individual research projects, and present it all before graduation (May 21 &22 this year). This means we have approximately 22 weeks to design and develop and entire game.

Be sure to check back and see what updates there are on the progress of Shmup You!

Hi, my name is Joe Pietruch. I’m a second-year grad student in RIT’s MS Game Design & Development program, and fill one of the two “Pi”s making up Imaginary Radius (It’s a math joke. Look at our last names and do some derivation! :-P ). On our capstone project, Shmup You!, I play the role of supporting programmer, UI designer, and mad artist (among many others!).

This is our development blog, and will serve as a way of documenting and tracking our progress and process over the next several months. We’ve already come a long way since December. At this moment the game’s design is 80% complete, we’ve iterated over several different game mechanics, and have started working on the technical design for underlying systems. We’ve conducted a survey of our target audience, looked at existing games in the genre, consulted with experts, and taken advice and criticism from everyone willing to give it.

Our hope is to add several historical posts to bring you readers up to date, and keep updating as we go along. Keep following us, watch us grow, and come this summer you’ll be in for a real treat!

Until then, please enjoy our logo!

Shmup You! Fighting Spirit

Hi all.

I’m Mike Ey.  My last name contributes the imaginary component to this team’s formula.

In the coming months, I’ll be serving as the lead programmer/software engineer on this project, as well as producing a portion of the 3D art assets.  On a team this small, everyone has to wear many hats.  Code and meshes play to my strengths.

My interests lean heavily towards graphics programming and asset conditioning pipeline.  I find real-time applications to be especially interesting.  I’m a regular Shmup player, which contributes well to this capstone project.

Look forward to more posts from me as we encounter technical challenges.