Hi, my name is Joe Pietruch. I’m a second-year grad student in RIT’s MS Game Design & Development program, and fill one of the two “Pi”s making up Imaginary Radius (It’s a math joke. Look at our last names and do some derivation! :-P ). On our capstone project, Shmup You!, I play the role of supporting programmer, UI designer, and mad artist (among many others!).

This is our development blog, and will serve as a way of documenting and tracking our progress and process over the next several months. We’ve already come a long way since December. At this moment the game’s design is 80% complete, we’ve iterated over several different game mechanics, and have started working on the technical design for underlying systems. We’ve conducted a survey of our target audience, looked at existing games in the genre, consulted with experts, and taken advice and criticism from everyone willing to give it.

Our hope is to add several historical posts to bring you readers up to date, and keep updating as we go along. Keep following us, watch us grow, and come this summer you’ll be in for a real treat!

Until then, please enjoy our logo!

Shmup You! Fighting Spirit