It took me a little while, but I’ve finally got the box art “inked” to a point that I’m happy with it. Having the Olympics on the television has not helped my productivity. I find myself vegging out frequently during the afternoons and evenings, then working late into the evening to (or very early morning, as the case is today!). I’m happy that Chinese couple won the Gold for pairs figure skating… anyway, back to business!

The composition includes the game logo, shooter, and boss, along with lots of missiles, bullets, lasers and explosions. Admittedly, there could easily be more missiles involved, but I’d like to see how this turns out before we add more. You folks get to see our boss design here for the first time, I hope you like it!

In making this, I wanted to be sure to draw the viewer’s eye around the piece. Leading the eye well can give a sense of motion within a static piece of art. The color will affect where the eye begins, but I made  a visual path leading to and from all four main elements (logo, boss, shooter and explosion). My original sketch (which I should get to uploading over break) had the explosion to fill the space in the lower right, but didn’t show the cause of the explosion. This design adds the path of the missile that caused the explosion, which conveniently leads us up through the logo and back down to the boss.

I also needed to get a sense of depth. The shooter in the foreground is much closer to the view than the boss, who needs to be further away (because he’s enormous!) so we can get a good look at him.  The exchange of fire leads the eye deeper into the piece, and the convergence of the shooter’s fire towards the boss’ abdomen along with the scale differences in the missiles further communicate depth.

It’s worth noting that I used the term “inking” very loosely here. If I were to ink this for real, I would have paid much more attention to the thickness and dynamics of my lines (and it would have taken me months!). As it is now my stroke weights are almost all the same, and for good reason: I’m handing this file off to Kelley so she can stroke and color it up all pretty. Kelley has a great talent for illustration, and is much more practiced at varying the line weight to make an even more dramatic visual effect. In this case, we’re playing our strengths, distributing the work, and coming up with a stronger piece than either of us could have managed individually.

My tummy’s rumbling, so I think it’s time to grab some breakfast. Here’s the box art! (obviously it’ll be cropped to a rectangle when we submit it for real – but I like breaking the frame!) Enjoy!