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Shmup You! is utilizing a variant of a deferred renderer, that should incorporate some interesting features.

Before you can run, though, you must walk.  So a ’standard’ deferred renderer has been constructed, using a three pass approach: light pre-pass, light pass, and material pass.  The pre-pass builds up a few buffers (position, normal, depth) used by the later passes.  The lighting phase populates the light buffer, and the materials pass calculates final color.

So far point and spot lights are supported, with directional and line lights coming.

This shot shows our test environment: a cornell box lit by a spot light in this case.  The buffers can be seen running down the left hand side: position, normal, depth and lights.

Deferred spot light

This won’t be a very long post, considering we’re “Springing Ahead” with the clocks this evening. Yuck. I like “Falling Back” much better.

This afternoon I designed out the homepage for The image below shows what the landing page might look like when that site goes live. It very quickly establishes a visual theme, and briefly describes the game, the site, and the team.

The final version of will be a community site for our players to go and report scores, view rankings, submit codes, track awards, and discuss the game and strategies in forums. This adds another experience outside of gameplay and further establishes the Shmup You! “brand.”Shmup You! Homepage Design