We’re starting to get the game elements put together.  Here the boss assembles each of his unit types, meaning we have geometry loaded.

Shmup You! is utilizing a variant of a deferred renderer, that should incorporate some interesting features.

Before you can run, though, you must walk.  So a ’standard’ deferred renderer has been constructed, using a three pass approach: light pre-pass, light pass, and material pass.  The pre-pass builds up a few buffers (position, normal, depth) used by the later passes.  The lighting phase populates the light buffer, and the materials pass calculates final color.

So far point and spot lights are supported, with directional and line lights coming.

This shot shows our test environment: a cornell box lit by a spot light in this case.  The buffers can be seen running down the left hand side: position, normal, depth and lights.

Deferred spot light

In continuing our art tests, we’ve generated these images by re-positioning our camera and adjusting our shader parameters somewhat.  This is closer to how things might look in the game.

This image actually comes from a project we’re completing for another class, which conveniently served as a platform for this art test.  This is why we have the garbage-y looking particle trails behind the kamikazes.